YouTube whores!

YouTube whores!
I know the title got you to read this with a name with whores in it it’s got to be good well let’s start what is a YouTube whore? Well it’s a person on YouTube with well over one million views and well over 100,000 subscribers well most of these YouTube whores live in California the hills Hollywood etc…. And most do some of the gayest things I have ever seen in my life now I bet you are saying your one because you went on YouTube an found all of these YouTube whores well I’m not I don’t have over 100,000 waiting for me to make a new video or have people that seen my videos over 1,000,000 times now that’s something all I can say is that these people have so much free time to do this stuff and the websites they don’t even make them I make my own websites that can also mean why I’m a web administrator/web designer well that’s all I have to say.  
help in the fight with youtube whores no more is how we roll here
no youtube

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