iPad Inspired Concept Design for iPhone 4 Looks Great & Expected New Features

While the iPad continues to dominate Apple-related blogging articles, there is still a major part of tech-bloggers writing and posting about Apple’s future ventures namely iPhone 4 and iPhone HD.

I hope my readers are aware of the iPhone 4 and iPhone HD concepts; if not, then allow me to elaborate – these devices will be the next generation iPhones. Somehow they are expected to support HD video, amongst a multitude of other features. Some of the expected features are:

* Apple A4 CPU like iPad
* A Front-facing camera for video conferencing
* Multitasking for third party apps

Feature-wise the iPhone 4 will undoubtedly be well equipped. But what tech-bloggers and designers are equally interested in is the layout and design of iPhone HD.

Third party designers plus developers have created a number of concept designs which are scattered all across the internet. One such concept design is the Aluminum Unibody.
This design was posted at MacPredictions and is clearly influenced by the iPad’s design. The aluminum concept is inspired by the unibody Aluminum enclosure of MacBook Pro. The metallic back in previous iPhones added to the phone’s overall weight while the plastic back gave it a cheap look. Aluminum will be a great choice to go with.

Apple has promised users a great new iPhone. I sincerely hope they deliver that promise in all aspects of the phone, regarding both the internal features and the exterior look.
you can read the full story at thumbpress.com

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