Hot days!

so for the past week (this week its been so hot) its been hot out like 80+ so you know what the means!?, hot girls and bike/(BMX) so i decided to chill with my friend today you know and do the usually stuff play air hockey etc so yeah that is about what today was did an lil “sight seeing” too while i was at it

How To Make A Burning Laser Flashlight

Step 1: Take Apart Your DVD Burner

First you’ll need a 16X DVD burner.

I’m using a LG that I had as a spare. Remove all the screws and take apart the case.

Remove the drawer to expose the carriage assembly. That’s where you will find the powerfull laser diod.
Step 2: Remove The Laser Diod

All DVD burners will have a set of rails that the laser assembly rides on.

After pulling out the assembly, start removing all the little screws to get to the laser diod. Be careful because the diod is a fragile electronic component.
Step 3: Disassemble An AixiZ Laser Housing

Then you’ll need to pick up an AixiZ laser housing.

You will have to disassemble it and also remove the laser that comes in the housing.

I used the back end of an exacto knife handle and gently tapped out the existing laser diod.
Step 4: Install The Laser Into The New Housing

Then you’re going to carefully install the DVD laser into the new laser housing. You’re almost done.
Step 5: Connect Up Your Laser Diod

All DVD laser diods use a similar configuration. Be sure to test your polarity using two AA batteries.

Then you’re going to solder two longer pins onto the positive and negative terminals onto laser diod.
Step 6: Add The Laser To The Mag Lite

Disassemble your Mag Lite, removing the ring, the inside reflector and of course, the bulb.

We’ll need to drill out the existing reflector so it sits around the laser housing.
Step 7: Test It For Yourself

Now put everything back together.
Load your two AA batteries,
And here are the test results.

Your new burning laser pointer easily lights a match and pops a balloon in an instant. That’s how you turn a mini-mag flashlight to a powerful burning laser pointer.
the video tut is found on

HTC Evo Review

As a mobile platform, the EVO 4G’s Android foundation is still an infant — well, okay, perhaps it’s a tweener — but in its two-odd years in the public spotlight, the list of truly revolutionary devices to use it has been a significant one: the G1 for being the first to market; the Nexus One for ushering in a new (and subsequently killed) retail model; perhaps the CLIQ for introducing Motorola to the platform or the Droid for bringing the company some desperately needed, long overdue success. For the moment, anyway, a whopping fraction of the world’s most important phones are running Google’s little experiment.

Needless to say, Sprint, HTC, and quite frankly, many of us have come to expect the EVO 4G to join that short list for some obvious reasons. Put simply, its magnificent list of specs reads as though it was scribbled on a napkin after a merry band of gadget nerds got tipsy at the watering hole and started riffing about their idea of the ultimate mobile device: a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 4.3-inch WVGA display, 8 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, HDMI-out, and WiMAX compatibility. Of course, the list of potential deal-breakers for a phone is as long as the EVO 4G’s display is wide; to put it another way, there are countless ways HTC, Sprint, or even Google could’ve screwed this thing up. So does this moderately intimidating black slab of pure engineering and marketing — this high-profile bet on Sprint’s future — deliver the goods? Read on.