Cool new tools coming soon from jailbreak community for OS 4.0

Next gen iPhone and iPhone OS 4.0 could be announced anytime soon after 2-3 days at WWDC ‘10, Everyone is excited about it. Now there is more good news coming from jailbreak community, Devteam’s MuscleNerd already announced that they are coming up with jailbreak and unlock tool for upcoming OS 4.0.

Well on the other end ChronicDevteam’s p0sixninja updated his blog where he mentioned about his some cool upcoming tools like-

idevicerestore: which will restore your iDevices without the help of iTunes, Also capable of doing other neat stuff such as upgrading stock firmware without flashing nor (to preserve jailbreaks) or baseband (to preserve unlocks).

ideviceactivate: This utility will activate devices without iTunes and soon this could also activate unlocked devices as well.

spirit-linux: Spirit ported to linux

And lot of other developer tools which would let developers to develop their own jailbreaking tools. Also you can donate to him to continue developing such great tools in future.

You can get the complete details about these tools on his blog, Click here.
find it here

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