New miley cyrus album

well today her new album comes out/came out called Can’t Be Tamed,staring the hit song that video that spark an uproar,with all of this i haven’t heard the full album yet but i have decode the track list

01 – Liberty Walk=first date
02 – Who Owns My Heart=2nd base
03 – Can’t Be Tamed=time to spice things up a bit with the whole crew
04 – Every Rose Has Its Thorn=oh i caught something
05 – Two More Lonely People=we are over
06 – Forgiveness and Love=im sorry
07 – Permanent December=due date
08 – Stay=dont leave me
09 – Scars=the pain
10 – Take Me Along=moved to an new house
11 – Robot=the shit
12 – My Heart Beats For Love=another person

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