Call of Duty: Black Ops MP Reveal

Highest rank is level ’50′
Marathon and light weight
Akimbo weapons
Scrambler is an equipment. Not a perk.
Earn online currency and xp in games.(The Paradox-Thread)

-Change the color of the reticle — red dot doesn’t have to be red or a dot.
-Emblem editor – images, layers, and a background. You change the scale, move, color, rotate, all that stuff. Create layers, then purchase the option with COD points to put it on your gun
-Snow level with radar dish — I believe it’s called Summit
-Bunting just DOVE THROUGH A WINDOW. Like, I mean, dove.
-He’s playing a live game in Combat Training, a new mode with bots
-Combat Training is a new multiplayer mode that lets you play with “practice dummies” – bots. Has its own rank up, can be played co-op with a friend. When you are ready, you can then go online

Combat Training was not planned. They built a practice dummy just to gauge weapon damage etc for testing, but then they realized they wanted “Larry” to behave like a real player. So they made it a feature for Black Ops. “Play multiplayer by yourself or co-op with your friends” says Bunting.
-Create a Class — you see your character on this screen because Park 1 has an impact on how your look in the game. If you are Ghost, you wear a ghillie. If you take flak jacket, it’s shown and you take less explosive damage.
-A funny internal bug — passing around the funny video — led to the creation of theater. One engineer said “that’s impossible” and they did it anyway — and that engineer is a huge fan of theater
-Xbox Live – Inside Xbox will have a video tomorrow that features theater mode. We are seeing the final edited Inside Xbox clip right now
- All Live games can be played back, searched, tagged, everything. The footage is yours.

CoD Black Ops has a money system. You won’t unlock guns by leveling up anymore — you’ll have to purchase them by earning CoD Points.

-Secondaries are pistols, crossbow, and launchers.

M14, AK47u, MP5K, Enfield, Uzi, M16, Famas, M1 Garande are in.

Kill streaks
Top killstreak is 11 you can pick 3…
Dogs, chopper gunner, napalm, rc car


keep it updated
[red]More Stuff Thats going to be in it[/red]
Marathon and light weight
Akimbo weapons
Scrambler is an equipment. Not a perk.
Earn online currency and xp in games.
Please watch for the latest updates
Edit your emblem
Some snipers have multiple zooms. Not all.
Theater mode. (Like halo) Tagging players
Zombies is confirmed
Pro perks
Sleight of hand
Tomahawk (like throwing knife)
extended mags
3 cross bow bows. 1 explosive round
Character customizations
48 bullets with a sniper.
TOP killstreak is 11 kills

ak74 U
chain gun

Kill Streaks
spy plane
care package
air strikes

New game modes:
*Sticks n Stones. Only crossbow and knife
*Combat trying: Similar to boot camp on waw
*4 different free for all
*sharp shooter: All players start with the same weapon.

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