Hi guys, its provb here, sorry for using mones account

Im running a contest to test your guys hacking skills
The image below contains a password deep inside it
The first person to get that password wins $20

To enter this contest, you need to be a member of PayBox: http://goo.gl/TFqr
you will get $50 free for signing up
when you think you know the answer, you must send $1 to the user “provb” (without quotes) and for the comment, put the answer you found

if you get the answer wrong, i keep your $1, if you get it right, i send you $20 (or more depending on how long it takes)

now this isnt easy, and ill give you a couple hints
-the password is at the bottom layer
-compression may or may not be used
-google always helps

here is the image

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