How To Make A Botnet

The information on this page is provided for educational purposes only. The actual practices this page describes are illegal in most countries, and will violate most hosts’ terms of service. If you actually intend to do any of these things, you should probably set up your own server, retain a good lawyer, and buy some anal lube for when you get sent to prison. Anonymous, and the article authors are not responsible for your own stupidity.
Q:What is a botnet?
A: A botnet is where you send a trojan to someone and when they open it a “bot” joins your channel on IRC(secretly, they don’t know this)Once done the computer is now refered to as a “zombie”.
Depending on the source you used, the bot can do several things.
I myself have helped write one of the most advanced and secure bot sources out there.
(Off topic)
But once again depending on the source you can :
Keylog their computer, take picutes of their screen, turn on their webcam and take pics/movies, harvest cdkeys and game keys or even cracks, passwords, aim screen names, emails, you can also spam, flood, DDoS, ping, packet, yada yada, some have built in md5 crackers, and clone functions to spamm other irc channels and overrun a channel and even perform IRC “Takeovers”.
Once again depending on the bot it may be able to kill other fellow competeter bots.
Or even kill AV/FW apon startup.
Add itself to registry.
Open sites.
Open commands.
Anything is possible !
Theres the infected computers “bots” the attacker, the server, and the victim.
With this tool you can create own botnet and attack in 3 types of attacks:


This paper and the software has been made for educational purposes only, the author will not take any responsibilities of you using TsunamiOverHost application.

First of all if you want to be successful on using this bot read this how-to carefully.

Things that you need

- The Program
- TsunamiOverHost.exe
- 4 files in one folder
+ index.php
+ online.php
+ update.php
+ update.txt
- A Host (You will only need ~10KB.)
- MySQL or some other database management system where you’ll
create a special “botnet” table.


Ok, now you know what you need, and what you should have, lets get to the real business ; – )

1. Create a folder.
2. Copy index.php, online.php, update.php, update.txt.
3. Paste it to the folder that you made.
4. Open index.php with some text editor, and where it says: SETTINGS FOR ADMIN ACCESS Put your login and the pass, etc.
1. $login = “yourLogin”;
2. $password = “yourPassword”;
5. Save.
6. Go to your mysql database.
7. Create a new database.
8. Create a new table, for example open the sql manager and paste this : CREATE TABLE botnet ( date int NOT NULL, ip varchar(40) NOT NULL, b_id int unsigned primary key NOT NULL auto_increment);
9. Save it.
10. Open your online.php file, and look for “Set MySQL database variables” Change the following variables:
1. $online_db_host = “yourHost ( ex . )”;
2. $online_db_name = “yourDatabaseName ( ex . haxior )”;
3. $online_db_user = “yourUser ( user for the database ) “;
4. $online_db_pass = “yourPass ( password to the database )”;
11. Save.

Now in your folder you should have two updated and two old files.

1. Connect to your ftp ( ex . using flashfxp )
2. Copy the folder that you have made to your host.
3. Change the CHMOD’s of file update.txt to 777.
4. Disconnect.

After setting everything up, you will open TsunamiOverHost.exe, and give the path to the folder that you just updated to your ftp. ( ex .

If everything goes fine, you will find a new file called server.exe. This file will be responsible for the power of the bot, More people open it = the bot will be more powerfull. In the panel, you will be able to see how many server.exe files are running on other peoples computers!

Yes! Lets have some fun ; >

1. Go to your panel ( the one you uploaded through ftp, ex. )
2. Login.

I don’t think i have to explain anything now, but remember the author will not take any responsibilities of the results!

Note: Most hosts won’t let you run Tsunami off of it. Your best bet is to get WAMP and run the host off your own computer.

password: tsunamirlz
You have been warned this can get you in to trouble so run it on your own localhost.

be careful this is not just for “jokes” and you will be sued up the ass.

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