The Beautiful Ms.Franki Rose

So not to long ago i got to intervwiw the beautiful Franki Rose, and hey whats perfect than oping the babe of the week back up better than this! We asked this

Us:Who would be your ideal mate if you were a dinosaur?
I’m going to have to go with a T-Rex because I’m tiny and I have short arms, so I think if my mate had these great long arms I’d be seriously jealous.

Us:Besides model or actress, what’s one career you wish you could pursue?
Franki: I would work with animals without a doubt.

Us:Are your friends mostly guys or mostly girls?
Franki:Girls. I know it’s supposed to be the ‘cool’ thing for girls to say they are mostly friends with guys, but I love my girls and couldn’t survive without them.

Us:What is one show you wished you were really into while it was on TV?
Franki: None really, I’m not huge into shows.

Us:Describe your ideal worst date.
Franki: My ideal worst date would really just be something unexpected. I’m a girly girl & I like to know what’s happening, don’t let me show up in my heels and tell me we are going rock climbing for something. I like a plan.

Us:If you had to burn bras, books, or witches, which would you burn and why?
Franki: Bras, because they are such a pain! I would never burn a book because they are such an important resource and I absolutely love reading, and I don’t have the right to judge anyone so burning a witch would be completely unnecessary.

Us:Have you ever made an online purchase you regret?
Franki: All the time! I’m always buying costumes and clothes thinking I’ll use them for Halloween or for photo shoots and half of the time I end up reselling them.

Us:What’s the least attractive piece of clothing you own?
Franki: I have this old raggy grateful dead shirt, it’s tie-dyed, faded, and full of holes but it is so unbelievably comfortable.

Us:If bananas were another color, what color would they be?
Franki: purple.

Us:What’s your best feature?
Franki: my feet, I think they are small and adorable.

Also be sure to check her out at!!/frankirose

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