The Beautiful Ingrid Ullrich

So lately I got to ask the beautiful miss Ingrid Ullrich a few questions for babe of the week :) and this is what she had to say, Do enjoy!!
Who would be your ideal mate if you were a dinosaur?
A Brachiosaurus!

Besides model or actress, what’s one career you wish you could pursue?

Are your friends mostly guys or mostly girls?
Guys! I get annoyed by myself let alone other girls…

What is one show you wished you were really into while it was on TV?
I’m not a fanatic about tv shows. I never even watch tv, but I love movies!!

Describe your ideal worst date.
Bad manners, doesn’t pay for the meal, and is trying way too hard to impress me.

If you had to burn bras, books, or witches, which would you burn and why?
Bras! I have small boobs so if really necissary, I can live without them!! hehe

Have you ever made an online purchase you regret?
Not yet!

What’s the least attractive piece of clothing you own?
MY HUGE SWEATS I WEAR EVERY NIGHT ALMOST! They even have bleach stains on them haha, so comfy though I can’t get rid of them!

If bananas were another color, what color would they be?

What’s your best feature?
My eyes!

What’s your favorite animal
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Find her here!!/ijullrich

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