I Went Into The Deep Web

So latlety i was bord and ver very curious of the so called “deep web” well was i in for shock its like 4chan and reddit both togeter on crack better you on meth that shit is crazy. I thoguht i went to hell and back…i’v lost all morals i had now im stuck with all the info and images in my head with no way out..

So what did i see well anything that you cant google is there and i mean any and everything is there to be honest its the black market. The image boards are fucking epic till you run into certin parts of them that no one should be at i mean like wtf it was like a high i couldnt get rid of when i was in the Deep Web If you thought 4Chan was bad or even these gore sites are bad, Ha! are you in for shock now i wont tell you how to get to these sites but all you need to do is go to Tor and download the browser bundle and run it. And welcome yourself to the dark side of the internet and dont get caught because them feds are waiting!

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