Worst Luck Of The Week

It goes to Frank. Im sorry but you have the worst luck when his sailboat was engulfed in flames off the coast of Malibu, California. Which just happen to be in the same week he crashed his Lotus…. The worlds “fastest” Lotus, claiming that a Porsche driver caused him to crash his percuss car LOL. Many people who seen it and have pics of it say there was no Porsche around him at all and that there was cars by him when Frank said “there where no cars by me” ha well here is a video of his boat on fire

Now on this his car “The worlds fastest Lotus” he claims, yeah right but now back to it. Sadly i didnt post the video of it (thought i did) but i didnt ) so here is the car way before the crash

Description says Frank Profera spent six years of his life building the car, sucks brah.
Here is what he had to say about the crash

I was rear ended by some fuckin cunt in a Porsche while on the fwy. He hit my left rear and spun me, I ended up in the right side wall…. I can’t wait to see this fuckin cunt in jail for a hit and run…Fuckin cunt Porsche owners…No one in front of me or in ether laneon my side and this cunt hits me up the ass…what does that tell ya about Porsche owners…always lookin for a cute ass even if it’s an old dude

Seems he likes the words “fuckin and cunt”
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