Twin Turbo Aventador

Yes you heard that right, a twin turbo Lamborghini Aventador many have tried but none seem to have done it but the boys at URG ( underground racing). Now this thing makes a amazing 1200HP on pump or racing fule? Not sure as they didn’t say but this is kinda low compared to the other lambos they pump out, but anyway here is the awesome video.
P.S we want a dyno pull of the twin turbo beast

2 thoughts on “Twin Turbo Aventador

  1. Saw one of these in orange locllay owned. Got to snap some shots, but i wish i had my Canon iphone cant do it´╗┐ justice. If i see the guy again, i’ll ask him to let me do a shoot an burn a cd of pocs for him. Only thing Ferrari will get my attention with is the 599. Lamborghini is my first love. Like that woman you love but know you can’t be with :/

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