Smoked Tea

So today at about 12:45 pmish I decide or decied? to try and smoke tea.. After reading all this what not and rift raft on the web and watching videos of it on YouTube, I said hey I’ll try this for myself. And I’ll share my results of how it went.

So I’ll start with what tea I used, I used the
“Lipton green tea mixed berry flavor”
Well it taste just like it the name said, like mixed berries mostly blue berries. The smell was the same as the name berries a sweet berry smell to be exact. :) i happen to like that part the most the smell over the taste

The way I smoked it was by rolling papers, now take note I have never used rolling paper before well I never used the type of rolling paper I used to roll it with before. I used the Cris rolling paper brand

The effects.
Well the 1st hit you could definitely feel something, but I can say it was not the same as smoking weed, around the second or 3rd hit is when the high kick in as a head high as like in headache. Im not sure if it was the paper I used or the tea it’s self but it gave me a headache for about a day and a half. Wansnt as painful as a normal headache but it hurt!

I wouldn’t recommend you try this unless you just want to

Remember be safe and enjoy yourself!