COD Ghosts Pro – The Best Strategy Guide, and More for Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghost ProCOD: Ghosts is the latest entry in the worldwide phenomenon known as CALL OF DUTY. Ghosts isn’t just any new, AAA blockbuster title. Ghosts is a part of the #1 Entertainment Franchise in the WORLD.

Critics are calling Call of Duty: Ghosts “ambitious, addictive, and tremendously re-playable.” And “better, slicker, faster.”

However, whether you are a newcomer, a happy enthusiast or a competitive gamer, it’s totally understandable that you feel like you might not be getting the absolute most out of it so far.

It is one of the most complex games ever to go on the market with just so many things going on.

IGN: “It’s over-the-top and at times unnecessarily complex, but serves both current and next-generation consoles with ambitious new ideas.”

That’s why the team at COD Ghosts Pro have decided to compile and release to the public the most comprehensive and complete collection of strategies, secrets, maps and walkthroughs to help you get the most out of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

They’re an elite group of gamers who have high profiles in the online gaming world and years of professional experience.

What you get from this exclusive Live Interactive Database that you won’t find anywhere else:

- The most comprehensive compilation of strategies, tricks and walkthroughs to help guide you through the most competitive game out there.

- Exclusive insider information that is so secret that they’ve had to avoid revealing their true identities.

- Ongoing support, including all upcoming DLC and expansions to assist you in your Ghosts experience.

Don’t even start Call of Duty: Ghosts until you have read COD: Ghosts Pro.

Go to  COD Ghosts Pro – The Best Strategy Guide, and More for Call of Duty: Ghosts now to start your journey to becoming a Call of Duty Legend!

                                                                      So What made me buy this, because I said to myself this is too good to be true! Sure enough it was too good and it totally help me! I started Call of Duty: Ghost losing DAILY and i couldn’t find out why!  Then a good friend of mine told me about COD Ghost Pro and how it turned him into a pro overnight, so being eager me i jumped on the boat to see if he was just talking a bunch BS so I went and bought it that night he showed me. I read and read thinking all this time it was that EASY to WIN! After a matter of moments playing I had other Call of Duty: Ghost players asking me how do I do it! Or am I cheating haha. See its that simple!! Even someone like me could turn PRO  overnight! And so can you simply by going to COD Ghosts Pro – The Best Strategy Guide, and More for Call of Duty: Ghosts and buying it TRUST ME you’ll love that you did because between me and you pros really do grow on trees!

YouTube Co-Founder Makes 1st Comment in 8 Years

Well with all the recent changes going on with YouTube and Google connecting with each other even more it has a whole bunch of people in a uproar. Being said it even has the co-founder jawed mad, remember guys this is the person who was the 1st to upload a video to youtube, but the real question is how did he even remember his password.

He had a few words to say about having to connect Google+ to YouTube in order to comment on videos.

youtube co-founder makes 1st comment

Rare Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale For Sale

So what happens when you’re a foreign exchange student and you have a car worth over a quarter million dollars and you cant take it back home with you? You got to sell it. Really rare car with only 5 of that color in the world alone. This car when bought band new runs you north of $300,000 but can yours for a mear $270,000! As much of a joke this seems this is one rare Lamborghini, well one rare Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale.


2014 Camaro Z28 Does 7:37.47

So Chevy showed what the Z28 Camaro Can really do, it went around the Nurburgring in a amazing 7:37.47 beating those times of much more higher priced.

Watch as the 505-horsepower 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 battles the famed German Nurburgring track in inclement weather. With an impressive lap time of 7:37.47, that puts the Camaro ahead of the published times for the Porsche 911, Carrera S, and the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.