Happy Year!

Well guys, its been a tough year with downtime and all other problems we had with host, but we made it trough all of that! WE had some amazing moments happen this year from ending a war to taking out high valued targets. We finish off 2011 with a fabulous ending. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR see you in 2012!
happy new year


So i wanted to start my own i dont know saying on the web. So how it goes when you seen something or anything in the matter you put #NFNF. Well what the hell is it? It stands for No Face No Fap, cleaver huh? Well it is so when you see a pic with now face in it you throw up that #NFNF. I think you all get the point now



We Are Back!

Yay we are back after going down for about a week i have been working very hard with the host to get this place back up and look we are back a few things lost but nothing that cant be replaced so be ready for some awesome post