Python Christmas

There is no video of this happing if there is it was taken down by live leak and youtube.
The name of this is sicking thing is called Python Christmas and its spreading fast we cant blame the snake for this it doesnt know right from wrong

The kitten is seen in the warped internet video being put on to the bed — which she gingerly begins to walk across.

Wary of the yellow Burmese python half-hidden under a pillow, the kitten keeps her distance — so the man deliberately distracts her until she turns her back on the lurking menace.

Then the python pounces, instantly coiling around the cat in a death grip.

Doomed ... kitten Jasmine is carried in Santa hat before thug lays her down next to the snake
Terror ... four-month-old cat spots python
Death grip ... snake filmed after it pounces
Horrific ... life is squeezed out of the helpless kitten

Feast ... python swallows the kitten head first
Final terror ... last of pet disappears on film
Final terror … last of pet disappears on film