Alpha GT-R 7 SEC, 1.7 SEC 0-60 GTR

Alpha GT-R

Alpha GT-R

From the video description.

0-60: 1.72 seconds
60-130mph: 2.67 seconds (new overall record)
0-300kph (186mph): 7.98 seconds (new overall record)
100-150mph: 2.42 seconds (new overall record)
30-130mph: 3.63 seconds

What we are most proud about is Alpha Omega is still a street-legal, road going car. It can be driven anywhere. What’s even more impressive is Chris Black, the evil genius behind the tuning of Omega has still not unleashed its full potential.

Omega is the test bed for our GT-R line and uses mostly off the shelf Alpha components. We will be releasing details on the improvements to the car soon now that we’ve proven their capabilities. These include:

Alpha Drag Suspension
Alpha Upgraded CCM Brakes
Alpha Drag Wheel and Tire Package

But im sure all that power would not be so good on a track, seems like more of a drag car but who knows.